Team 359: Making Local Headlines
We just found out that we were in the main Hawaii newspaper today. Pretty stoked!
We also just completed our largest fundraiser event for NEXT season. Raised well over $10,000 already. The event itself cost over $8,000 to put on along with all of the volunteers. :smiley:

I DEFINITELY look forward to seeing your team’s microrobots. We too are diving into this division of robots in school next year (robotics honors advanced studies course). Way cool 359:cool:

What sort of fundraiser was this?

As stated in the article, its from our annual luau (robotics benefit-fundraiser dinner). We had roughly 350-400 in attendance. Many bought tickets, but didnt even attend as they just wanted to donate their monies.
We were selling tickets for $40/person.
We also did a silent auction with brand new items that were donated such as golf club sets, electronics, jewelry, gadgets, household items, etc.
Even the drinks (wine, soft drinks, bottled water) were donated and all proceeds came to our team.
Its a great way to get people together for a fun-filled event and raise funds at the same time.

Sounds great that you folks are looking at other enabling programs also!
Definitely college-level type electrical engineering stuff and programming, but its a great way to get those students not as interested in the building (mechanical engineering side) of the robots, to look at other avenues of problem solving and design work.
Team 2024 has definitely paved the way for us Hawaii teams to now participate and get involved for the competition in Japan.