Team 359 Work Area

Our team has been fortunate enough to have received full support in the use of facilities to support Robotics. Over the last several years, we have been able to accumulate more space for the sole purpose of Robotics initiatives. Our team uses other labs that other programs use as well.
Not bad for a team that services 25 students in a small school of approx. 550 students, grades 7-12. :wink:

WOW…a dream come true, right? We would settle for just one of the rooms you guys have! By the way, Glenn, is that an idler wheel i spy on the front of your prototyping bot?

Yes, it is an idler wheel that is temporarily placed in the front for testing, with a door hinge to try and keep it “weightless.” Unfortunately, we are using a different AM wheel until our rover wheels come in this week.