Team 3606's 30Pt Climber!

Early in the season I thought getting 30 points was imposable, but we pulled it off! Here’s Team 3606 BearMetal 2013 robot!
The colored tape is to help drive (here’s a video of climbing action!)

I’m sure i’ll be corrected, but is this the first robot in FRC to not have wheels?

If so, why did you decide against mobility?

Great job on the climb.

If you mean in history, No… In 2006 there was a team we competed with who’s whole theme was “Who needs a drive-train”


We decided to go without wheels because this year because we wanted to focus on the endgame because we didn’t participate in the endgame the last two robotics seasons. Since teams can place the robot anywhere on the field, as long as the robot is touching the pyramid, we decided that wheels and drive components were not needed to climb and would get in the way of clearing the bar.

Do you have any plans for any qualification matches where your alliance partners may need the inside of the pyramid open to shoot through? I know some robots line up using the pyramid bars and shoot between them. I only ask because, if you can’t drive, it implies that your plan is to immediately climb at the beginning of the match, and stay there for the rest of it, rather than playing defense or herding discs down field like some other dedicated climbers we’ve seen so far. If you spent 2 whole minutes in teleop (unless you start the process in autonomous?) you might be blocking a lot of potential points for your own alliance.

Also, the pessimist in me cant help but wonder, is there anything you can do to combat an opposing alliance robot ramming you and messing up your alignment for climbing? I know, it’s a lot of points in penalties to interfere with a climb, but I’m curious. Again, I assume because you don’t have a drivetrain, you’ll be setting up your robot for climbing before the match, and cant move on the ground once the match has started.

You have some good points.

No one on my team has realized that some robots shoot through the pyramid. I think we could coordinate with other teams, if needed, to allow them time to shoot though the pyramid, since our robot only takes a minute to climb. We might to some climbing in autonomous.

Since our robot will be contact with the pyramid constantly during the match running into us on purpose would be a Technical Foul (G30).


Regardless of who initiates the contact, a ROBOT may not contact an opponent ROBOT

a.contacting its PYRAMID or
b.touching the carpet in its LOADING ZONE.

Violation: FOUL. If purposeful or consequential, TECHNICAL FOUL. If an opponent’s CLIMB is affected, each affected opponent ROBOT will be awarded points for a successful Level 3 CLIMD.

Thanks for the input!