Team 3637 Autonomous Run

Hey, Here’s our robot doing autonomous mode. I believe its in 15 seconds flat (with low battery).


Kudos to your team, Ethan. Its always nice to have the robot done early enough to get a working auton. Nice looking robot, best of luck!

Thanks, Dan. Good luck to your team as well!

Looks great!

Does the robot follow the line, or is it just programmed to go foward?

It follows the line.

Will the speed increase with a full battery or is that the programmed speed?

I’ll have to let you know tomorrow. But it definitely makes it because we did it with the practices timer built into the driver station to make sure it does it in the alloted time.

The drive speed is like 20%, we can speed that up as well.

I would say attempt to speed it up, after hanging the tube make your robot spin, approach center of the field but not close enough to accidentally cross the line if something goes wrong, and prepare for teleop.

Thats a good idea, thanks!

one way to speed it up would be to lift and drive at the same time. Your lift is the limiting factor. So if you can take away some of its impact on the time, you’ll shave off quite a bit.

I’m seeing 6 seconds forward, 7 seconds lift …
Do them together and you shave 6 seconds off your total time.

Yeah, I thought of that, I’m not sure what my team will think of that though, they really don’t like the idea of it lifting while moving in autonomous mode.


Yeah my autonomous is not for the faint of heart… then again I’m running at about 6 seconds right now. It’s pretty terrifying to watch if you’re not expecting it. :smiley:

I think I feel safe the way it is and that there is no need for it to finish it in 2 seconds haha.

haha… naw there isn’t… unless you want the mythical double cap…

Whats that?

2 ubertubes in autonomous.

I use the camera, so basically I just need a teammate to position themselves right next to me, I drive out, cap the first. Then back up, grab theirs and cap it.

Basically means I need a 4-5 second cap.


Whats the purpose of that? Just have your teammate do it! Most likely your teammates won’t have an previsions to hand off an uber tube to you.

I think there will be very few alliances with 3 autonomous players with an autonomous that has actual potential. Meaning there will almost always be one tube thats free.

And you don’t have to hand it off. Just lean it against yourself. We can set our arm to that height, and back up and grab it. :slight_smile:

Obviously I have a few more hours with the robot ahead of me before I can make this happen…

but still… it would be pretty cool.

Haha good luck. But is it even legal for a robot to start with an ubertube just leaning against it??