Team 3647 2019 CAD, Technical Binder, and Season Photo Album Release

Finally got around to it…

Team 3647 is proud to release our CAD and technical binder for MAUL, our 2019 robot!

GrabCAD Link (Has .STEP and Parasolid):

Technical Binder:

2019-Technical-Binder.pdf (2.0 MB)

Season Photo Album (Though I do caution, there is a great deal of memes and random garbo in there):

Also a small CAD progression album:

Feel free to ask any questions


I would’ve loved to see this design in action O.O


Awesome bot!
What size chain where you running on the drivetrain?
What did you use to make the 190T #25 chain sprocket? Did you have any wear issues with it?
Where did you get the mecanum wheels used on the cargo intake?

If I recall correctly they used a velox 5050
I too am curious of the second and third questions.

The past 3 seasons watching your team has been like watching an episode of how its made. (Episode name is obviously How it’s made:Power house teams).

25 chain with 17T double sprockets.

This is correct, we used a 4mm endmill to clear out all of the material and do an initial pass on the teeth, then we cleaned the teeth up with an 1/8 endmill. The sprocket was cut out of .1" plate; not sure if you could do it out of 1/8" plate without needing to chamfer the edges though. We didn’t notice any wear or issues in general with the sprocket throughout the entire season on both our practice and competition robot.

and then followed this guide to making them FRC-usable: paper: Adapting the FingerTech 2" mecanums for FRC use

Haha Thanks! :blush: We’ve got a lot of work to do this offseason though with our large senior class graduating!


In my experience, the answer is yes.

i don’t see a pizza box anywhere. im very dissapointed in you jon


How much did it end up weighing?

pay attention to the photo album A-A-ron smh :triumph::triumph:

In total with our (not working oof) lvl 3 climber we were at 115lbs. Thinwall tubing really does wonders for your weight.


1/16" wall?

Yes, we placed a large bulk order of this right before the build season from Coast Aluminum.

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Was your entire robot built using 1/16th wall? Including the drivetrain?

Yes, except for the 2 drive rails. See this post: 5881 Off Season Drive Train WIP

How well did the 1/16th hold up throughout the season? Did you have to replace any parts and if so, how often?

See the hardest part is to know where to use it. I think a 1/16" elevator should do fine. We did ours with 1/8" in 2018 and it was very off balance (tips a lot) The only things that should be 1/8" is drive and it being so low to the ground it helps the CG.

We did not have to replace any tubes or have any break besides the corner of our bumper frame being a tiny bit dented in when our robot ran into a wall full speed without bumpers on. (Pic was in the link I sent in my last message)

We did have most of our gussets made out of 1/8" or .1" plate however.

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How much depth do you guys take out when you lighten 2x1 tubes like in this picture?

IIRC it was 70thou. We did a test run before the season with .1" deep pockets but had issues with our cnc vises not all being on the same plane which caused the pocket to break through at certain points.

How many of those tiny mecanum wheels did you guys go through? We had played around with those but were afraid that if we looked at them wrong they would break.