Team 3647: Off season

Team 3647’s redesigned robot, The Guillotine, for LogoMotion.

This was us doing Auton/Driver practice in 2nd building; the ceiling was too low so we did not have the top pegs. We are using line sensors for the Auton, and currently working to make it faster.

The video was taken the Friday night before Fall Classic; we will also be going to the Battle of the Border in SD on the 15th.

Great robot guys!

It was a pleasure working with you guys. The way you played made it apparent that you have practiced hard! Thanks for your partnership in the final elimination matches!

See you at Battle at the Border next month!

Thank you for the kind words, it was great working with you guys also and meeting you. And thanks for picking us for your alliance, the final run was great.
See you in at Battle at the border!

Looks like a good bot, and a very good autonomous mode, I’m sure you’ll be able to score consistently with that!
One piece of advice to your team, your kit wheels in the back seemed to be slipping a lot on the carpet, especially when you turned. Best advice for that is to invest in some High-Traction wheels (“Plaction Wheels,” available at ) My team’s used these for the past 6 years now (except for Lunacy!) with a lot of success, we definitely like these wheels because the rough top tread DOES NOT SLIP! If you were to throw a pair of these on your bot to replace the kit wheels, I think you’ll find you’ll be much faster and far more nimble.
Either way, best of luck to ya!

Very interesting lift! Any details/pictures?

Very impressive for a rookie team to go all out for the offseason! Really cool stuff. Keep it up.

I’m really glad that you guys are continuously improving your robot and going to offseasons, you have the right ideas for a rookie team. Keep it up.

One piece of advice to your team, your kit wheels in the back seemed to be slipping a lot on the carpet, especially when you turned. Best advice for that is to invest in some High-Traction wheels (“Plaction Wheels,” available at )

Yeah we are having some problem with getting enough traction on the back wheels. We heard of a trick of just putting tread on the kit wheels with wood screws, so we will probably try that. But definitely will check out some newer wheels.

Very interesting lift! Any details/pictures?

I will get some decent photos next meeting. But the 2 stage lift is simply two pieces melamine inside metal holders. The melamine pieces are joined together with a strap. Then a 2x24inch pneumatic cylinder provides the force to lift the whole assembly up. It takes about 3 secs, for it to fully extend. And we have a center locking solenoid set up to allow us to pause it anywhere.

Yeah that’s a real easy way to make your own traction wheels, just be sure to pre-drill the holes and that’ll work just fine. I remember when High-Traction wheels were first introduced to FIRST, they were aluminum wheels that you actually pop riveted the tread onto.

Let us know how well you do in the off season comp, and good luck!

We still pop rivet our tread on, and it holds beautifully. The only problem is that our tread - at least the last time we used it - wore out pretty quickly, so replacing it got pretty tiresome.

Another alternative I’ve seen is using threaded inserts with pre-drilled tread (so that the holes in the tread line up with the inserts).

Might I inquire as to what the big grey storage tank looking object on the back was? Hazarding a guess, I would say it looks like a pneumatics reserve tank. A very large one.
I also like the sheer accessibility your electronics board has. The orientation, as well, looks like less back pain from spending so much time hunched over 90 degrees to look at one.
On a final note, I’m noticing this more in your elevator than others, have you ever tried blocking a thrown tube with it? It looks like the “wall” that extends up might just be able to do such a task.

All in all, looks like an amazing bot, and I applaud you for constantly striving to better your team, even after competition season is over.

You are exactly correct! McMaster part number 9888k9, holds 1 Gal or about 231 inch^3, which is 7 times that of the KOP tank. We are running a massive 2/24inch cylinder that powers the main lift so we need the air.

Yes, even though that wasn’t necessarily what I was thinking about when I put it there… it is convenient to access and we never had a problem with it being damaged during game play.
That is an interesting game idea, we haven’t thought of it. I guess it could work if we parked right in front of the lanes. Though I am not sure if would be considered GP in game play.

Very nice bot! How much does it weigh? Also, how’s the 4 WD with the AM trick wheels working out for you? It seems nice.

You guys should find a way to make it up to the madtown throwdown event in Novemeber.

I expect big things in 2012 from you guys.

That’s not un-GP or GP. It’s a strategy. More to the point, it’s a legal strategy (nothing says you can’t block a thrown tube). Whether it’s a good strategy or not remains to be seen and depends heavily on execution.

Weight without battery, is about 110lbs.
The 4WD generally works well, there is a problem of a lack of traction in the back wheels, as you can still in the video. But we will try out some tread-ed wheels. We would have gone 6 wheel, with the dropped center, but the supports for the tower/cylinder conflicted with the placement of the 6th wheel.

We would love to go, but for us that would mean a 6 hour drive… However we will be at BATB. on the 15th.

Six hour drive? We have a 6 hour flight out there. Totally worth it.

Agreed. The Fall Classic, CalGames and Battle at the Border are nice events, but this event in Fresno is somehow ridiculously more competitive. It might be one of the most competitive events this offseason across the entire country (excluding IRI obviously).

Sounds like a great event…
Just the logistics for us didn’t work out.
Maybe next year~

If you ask you shall receive: few photos of our lift mechanism.
Which is pretty much 2 sheets of melamine in metal sliders, lifted by a belt attached to a 24x2inch pneumatic cylinder.

And something we got a lot of comments about, our air storage tank.

We will be at BATB this weekend, hope you see some of you there.