Team 3647: Off season

Hello all,
Ever since SDR we have been working to improve/fix/add everything we have left out from build season. We did this last year and found it to be great fun and a good learning experience so we are doing it again!

The 3 major things we did were: switched out drive wheels [our horrifically jumpy 10inch tires… are gone tyvm], a new shooter, and a bridge lowering mechanism all coming under 110lbs.

More build photos on our FB and Blog, links are in my sig and feel free to ask questions. We still have a lot we could improve on and add, notably a better feeding mechanism to the shooter.

We will be at the Del Mar Fair on the 10th with a host of other SD teams, and plan on attending several off seasons on the west coast the coming fall.

Thanks to all the people and teams that were a massive help to us! And all the awesome robots past and present that were the inspiration for this year’s bot.