Team 3647 Presents 2 Hatch Autos


We developed 2 Hatch auto sequences for champs. We will be competing in the Roebling division. See ya there!


2102 Two Hatch Autos




that’s a cool robot i like the flippy arm

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Just remember to preload that first one, ok?

Good luck guys!



Shhhhhh no one needs to know

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Nice autos. Looking forward to seeing y’all on Roebling!

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Great work! Excited to see it in action at Roebling.

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Your team have a lot of faith in some 0s and 1s (and you) sitting down where they were.

Nice autos!

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There is a lot of footage we didn’t include… Lol

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Guest appearance by 3128 in the back, in disguise with 3647 bumpers.



They’re slowly taking over our field so I think it’s appropriate hehe



It’s part of the long con to absorb TP into CCA. The Millennium Narwhals.



Or the Aluminum Falcons. A.K.A. Team 2168



3647 is now a powerhouse team.






I wish



Didn’t you make the top 25?

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Sure we did, but there’s a lot more to being a powerhouse team than winning a few events in a single year. We’ve still got a long ways to go to even maintaining this level of competition and passing all our senior knowledge down.



Don’t downplay it too much, you’ve been building quality robots for years, you’ve just had some astronomically bad luck in elims until this year. I belive you’ll be able to continue to improve.



Dude your robot in 2017 was pretty damn good and ranked high at SD, I really liked it. In 2018 I think you were in top 10 percent of teams(especially with the powered fork climb). This year you really brought it up and deserve the top 25 spot. I’m sure that you guys will do better as you progress especially after seeing that your robots look so much better with your CNC. I even used your team as an example when some freshman asked why we plan on using a CNC. Don’t ever undersell yourself and your performance. Sure you might loose some members but you really made a mark and I’m sure the rest of the team can find a way to keep it going. I am also very impressed with your programming and ability to program so many operations well enough and keep it functional all the time. What appears to be vision in the video is also spot on. I am not sure if you came up with the idea to do the hatch wheeled intake but so many top teams do it and it really worked out well for you! Even if you did take inspiration from another team being able to incorporate it on the robot is not easy and you were able to do it.
If you think you did just okay look at your robot 2 years ago and this year’s robot. I am very proud that we had the privilege to play with such a good robot last year(we played at AVR) and our team also felt so much better when we found out that we were climb compatible with your forks because of the motorized tilt. This was a design that even top teams like 1678 or 118 didn’t do until this year. Even this year there were only a handful of teams saw the opportunity to have a sideways elevator and almost all the teams that I can recall did very well (3309,4414, and of course 3647). Sure there are many things you could have done better that seems obvious now but that happens every year. For example this year every team that did non wheeled intake for hatches thought they were stupid for not doing so. But look at how that worked out for you guys even on the winning alliance at Houston lots of people had it. I think your design team that came up with the ideas is very strong and being able to manufacture it is only a small part of the success.

Now while talking about top teams near us I’d confuse 3476 and 3647 cause they are both such good teams! Keep going and one day hopefully you can win worlds!