Team 3647 Presents: The Scalper

To continue with our naming our robots after death-related objects we have dubbed the 2012 robot The Scalper, due to it’s tendency to remove the covers of balls [fixed now…] and the MoHawk appearance the shooter hood resembles.

This robot represents our 2nd year of FRC and breaks new ground for us in design, fabrication and software. It couldn’t have been done without the dedication of all our students, mentors and parents.
We will be at the San Diego Regional March 2 though 4. Come check us out!

So without further ado:

27x37 inch
118.5 Lbs
6 Wheel AM C-Base
4 CIM with Toughbox Minis
10 FPS Single Speed
10 inch Penumatic SkyWayWheels with Custom Hubs

8 PolyCord Belts
2 P60 16:1 RS-550s
Welded 1x1 6061 Frame
3 Ball Capacity
8 inch Pneumatic Piston Stop

9015 with AM Planetary
8 inch Plaction Wheel
MoHawk Sheetmetal Hood
260 Degree Turret with P60 20:1 RS-550

Parallel 4 Bar Linkage
6 inch Pneumatic Piston
4 inch idler wheel