Team 3666 needs help

If you will are attending the Dallas regional there will be a team there that needs some serious help. I got a call from the Florida Regional Director Chuck Kennedy that team 3666 needed help in week 5. I took an engineering student with me and we drove to Alexander and helped them put together the robot and the start of an arm. I was only able to help them one day because there was another team in West Monroe that needed help the next day. I have the sketches that they will need to complete the arm and I’m going to loan them a Minibot. They need to:

  1. program for three pneumatic cylinders
  2. program the joy stick to rotate the arm
  3. install two limit switches also add to the program
  4. install stops to limit the travel of the arm.
  5. install a brake system for the arm. (they have the parts but need to be installed)
  6. they have a minibot deploy system but need to fabricate and install a pneumatic trigger system and add a surgical tube for the spring.
  7. the arm is a counter balanced system and they will have to balance the arm by installing counter weights.
  8. they have 5 cims on the robot and will have to remove one to be within the rules
    I gave them a simple end effector that that is closed by a pneumatic cylinder. It will also need to be installed and I am working on a method for deployment. No team left behind.
    If you could help them I would be grateful.
    Curtis Craig
    Field Supervisor Bayou Regional
    Mentor Team 2221

Please PM me for details, pictures, sketches and my cell phone number

I am a mentor with team 1745 and I may be able to assist with the pneumatics.

I’m far away from Dallas but if you tell me how everything is wired and what actuator needs to do what action when what button is pressed I could probably write them out some quick code to work it all.