Team 3716 Minibot was done on low battery and not running at full speed. When I have more info from the build team I will update.

I like it.

Simple, Effective, and uses magnets (I’m assuming.)

Yep we were using magnets! I can’t wait to see it t full speed!

Feployment of that is gonna be really cool to watch!

What kind of magnets are you guys using? and where could they be purchased?

We used rare earth magnets. We got them at It took less than a week to get here and we are legit in the middle of nowhere.

I would have thought the magnets would resist upward motion.

I would have thought the magnets would resist upward motion.

They do, magnets act as a second gravitational pull, but in this case it wasnt strong enough to keep the minibot moving

Are you lifting the battery with the minibot, or holding it off to the side?

In the video it is being held off to the side

Right now we are still prototyping so we are holding the battery. We have a few other designs we are looking into.

I have a question. In the rules they mention AA magnets. What type of magnets are these? Or they are just regular magnets?

I’m pretty sure there just magnets.

Notice that all the other items on the list have a letter preceding them. Magnets are #27- AA.

In a list doesn’t it usually go A-Z then AA-AZ. I’m pretty sure thats part of the list.

That’s what I said…or tried to say…sorry if I was unclear.