Team 3729 Presents Our 2023 Robot: The Foozi

We are proud to present our 2023 robot the Foozi!

Technical Details


  • 34x26in frame
  • L2 SDS MK4i
  • Eight Falcon 500s

Arm and Extension

  • Able to score both game pieces on all levels
  • AndyMark Climber in a Box powered by a NEO 550 on each side
  • Rev NEOs in a 500:1 moving the four-bar arm
  • Pneumatically actuated claw


  • Command based Java
  • Auto scoring and substation align using custom dashboard component
  • Dual camera Photonvision running AprilTag detection on an Orange Pi 5
  • Odometry based auto balance
  • Closed-loop trapezoidal profiles for both arm and extension control
  • Heavy use of WPILib’s data logging capabilities

Other features

  • Four pneumatic pistons on the cone flipper allows for flipping tipped over cones


This was the first year that we have competed at two events and been in both of those event’s playoff rounds. We are looking forward to what the offseason brings.

Heartland Regional

  • 4th seed alliance captain. Alliance finished in 3rd place. Thank you to our alliance partners 2357 System Meltdown and 2197 Las Pumas.
  • Innovation in Control Award winner

Colorado Regional

  • 8th seed alliance 2nd pick. Alliance tied for 7th/8th. Thank you to our alliance captain 1138 Eagle Engineering and partner 3200 Raptacon!

If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them.