Team 3739 Robot Reveal Video "Oakbotics"

Hey Everyone,
Here is our Robot Reveal video:

When making this video I wanted to showcase the abundant use of the forklift design in this years game. We are attending the Windsor Essex Regional this year in April and hope if we are lucky enough to attend worlds. We are from London ON Canada. Let me know what you think of our robot and video. Also check out our other videos if you have time!

Speed: 1-5m/s

Does this mean you have a shifter on your drive?

Great robot and great video, good luck in competition!

No we don’t have a shifter, just hard programmed so that we can move with better precision. It functions on one speed, but can easily be changed, depending on the strategy of the match.

So then what does 1-5m/s mean? Does it mean your top speed is 5m/s?

What are you using to power your elevator? I highly recommend discussing alternative gearing to remain competitive in stacking speed, it seems less than optimal speed at the moment.

Love the linkage to articulate the claw. I see it all the time on the inside of storage or electrical cabinets, but have never found a way to incorporate it on a robot yet.

It means the motors allow for about 5m/s, but we modified the coding to lower speed and increase stacking accuracy.

Thank you for the heads-up, we are actually updating that as part of our 30 lbs of attachments & modifications