Team 375 to Be On WB 11 News at 10 tonight

Posted by Michael Bloomfield at 2/13/2001 9:44 PM EST

Student on team Robotic Plague from Staten Island Tech sponsored by Verizon.

The WB 11 News at 10 came into the shop and recorded us for about 45 minutes. Was set up by our sponsor and it was really cool. You can watch the WB 11 if in New York area and see our robot. This was the FIRST time we actually ran the robot…we just finished drive system and the mounting of everything on today. Was the first time and I must say it ran GREAT…we found one problem after running it but will be fixed tomorrow…we had a short blowing our left motor after running for around 10 min due to hot wire to drill motor loosening up and not making full contact then contacting again would spark blowing the breaker…fixing tomorrow…re-solder wire on. Hopefully they wont cut the whole filming and u will get to see us on. We are able to grab and move 1 goal/stretcher. Monitor the bridge and our robot is running fast so can make it to the other side in the field in a few seconds. Hopefully u will be able to see us on…I didn’t get interviewed but if wondering I did all the electronics and programming…yay** my program worked flawlessly first run…hehe…thank god for learning off these forums 2 weeks ago. Later guys.