Team 375 Video of A.M.I.

here is the first video we have ever posted of our robots. This is A.M.I. (Amy). This is not an auton mode, just some operation.

Wow. That is smooth. Good luck to A.M.I. and her team!

Any questions and comment would be greatly appreciated.

Either the overpass is lower than 76.5 inches or those rods that knock the ball off are over 60 inches. Which is it? Nice smooth mechanism.

over 60, but they are deployable, those are their position after deployment

(NOV8R Did you win at Colorado Regionals, and if so will you be at mines on saturday?) Also, are you actually going to reverse hurdle, or was that for demonstrative purposes?

Yes Jimbot we won the Colorado Regional last year and yes we’ll be at the School of Mines tomorrow.

Wow that thinking out of the box
good luck to your team :yikes:

Another great autonomous performance by 375. I knew someone would catch the ball after knocking it off, but that was much smoother than I expected.


Yea, Like they are not going to catch the ball in hybrid after their program is finished. Probably not going to launch it backwards, that wouldn’t make sense (but still be cool). I guess I was a little hasty, but 375’s auton rep proceeds them.

Great Job!

very smooth running

AH! It does throw the ball!

I hate you people <.<

Just kidding. Your in our area, so good luck! We’ll probably see you!

clap clap WOOOT! Go AMI!!!:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice. Are those arms (once deployed) just short enough to avoid the overpass but just tall enough to knick the ball. And then how does scoring work. And i assume you can launch the ball backwards for points (we haven’t tried throwing so we haven’t looked into scoring that way a whole lot). It is incredibly smooth. Good luck to you guys.

Sorry but throwing the ball backwards does not qualify as scoring and yes those arms end up being just short enough for the robot to go over the bulge and not hit them, yet high enough to hit the ball

I would love to know how you pick it up off the ground? :slight_smile: