Team 3785 Teaser

Robot Frame!

You think I have enough holes?

There is never enough holes :wink:

You might want to look at update 3 with regard to your bumper mounts.

Yeah I saw that. This was finished way before the update (ok the Friday before). We have a workaround for that by adding an attachment at each corner but higher than than the “lower” attachments. Any issues/thoughts?

Shooter Prototype, the team came up with last week. Took video today.

Using two CIMs, two CIMple boxes and last years 8" wheels. We won’t be using the CIMs for the shooter. Instead the final will have a 775 with P60s

Team 3785 Shooter Prototype

Also, our shooter we built last week. Pulled it out again yesterday to have some fun.

We used 2 CIMs and 2 CIMple boxes. For comp, we’re planning on using a pair of 775s and P60’s

FIRST TEAM 3785 Shooter Prototype

You guys might be a bit new around here, but I just wanted to let you know that though your robot is cool, it is poor form to spam it around all the other threads.


We just wanted some comments and ideas for new ideas for future ideas to test. We apologize for any spamming-type behavior.

I recommend you stick to your own thread in the future instead of hijacking someone else’s thread.