Team 379's Website

Well, heres our site, let us know what you think, ideas, or criticism welcome…

Navigation is utilitarian: quick and easy to find, responds quickly.

The zippity-doo-dah banner is distracting, and your website doesn’t have any distinct graphical elements that make an impact, besides the Impact font. It’d be nice to have your team’s logo and number more distinct on the site. Text seems cramped, especially on the info-dense Team History page. It’d be nice to have more of a story-format for the years in your team’s history, rather than a list of accomplishments.

Otherwise, I think you have a solid, neatly organized site with lots of content.

I love how you going around giving negative responds :rolleyes:

Great job guys… i actually like the navigation. Good organization

well if we only gave positive critisism, would anything ever get better?

do yourself a favor and manually resize the overdrive logo… it causes slower computers to lag.