Team 383 teaser video

Unusual for us, here’s a bit of a teaser for this year.
We are working with a rookie team from our city (second FIRST team in the state’s capital! :D) and yesterday a TV station dropped by to cover it.

They wanted some action, so we reassembled one of our mechanisms - there’s your teaser. Not exactly a new thing on FIRST, but still, the team is pretty happy about it.

PS - good luck understanding what we say in the video :wink:

I spy mecanum wheels!

Nice news story. Great job doing Dean’s homework!

I also really like your mini-Track!

very nice guys. I was able to pick up about what you where talking about. I also really like that track model, very cool.

Yes, sir! :wink:

Are you learning Portuguese or Spanish? :smiley:

Boa disposição, eu adoro a forma como robótica sons em portugues

boa sorte neste ano!