Team 384 LiveMatch Stats!


We at Team384 are planning on making our live stats at the VCU regional Public by use of our website. Check in on Friday for “Team384 at the NASA/VCU Regional”. We will have stats from all of our matches.


Very cool guys,

Are you just posting your stats or all teams in that regional stats?

uh… right now we are planning on just showing our match stats but if we have the time and people we might be able to get some other teams… Maybe the ones we played with… :slight_smile:


Check our website right now as we are updating it as I type… we have information about today’s practice rounds @ VCU…

A few things may not be up yet so give us a few mins but it will be up by tomorrow :slight_smile:

sorry to post again… but we might not be able to give live - updates exactly every minute. Our person who was going to provide internet had some trouble… so we will try to do our best…

Thanks and sorry for the problems.