Team 384 Presents NASA/VCU Coverage Online!

Starting tomorrow after the 1st day of the competiton at the NASA/VCU Regional we will be offering, images, video and stories from the competition. All three days we will be covering everything. Unlike last year, when I thought we could do live stats updating, this year we will be providing stats after each day of the competition.

This year we will also will be trying to get video from the competition, in case there is no webcast or no vids from the competition.

So, head on over to starting now, as you can see the headline says “Sparky and Team 384 at VCU!”. After tomorrow we will be updating that with something else. So keep checking in and of course post threads here on the VCU Regional and other regionals as well.

Hope to see all the VCU Regional teams tomorrow, we will be wearing slightly different attire than normal. You can still find us through our orange hats, and new this year, red Infineon T-Shirts and White (cream) Siemens shirts. (Thanks Infineon & Siemans as well as our other sponsors!)

See you there!

We have updated our website with new media and a quick overview of the first day of the NASA/VCU Regional.

So head on over to for new pictures and a quick video from the competition. I will have more videos in my update tomorrow.


P.S. Thanks to all the teams for their wonderful compliments at the competition today, I really appreciate them.

Was that video of “team (edit/ anonymous /edit) ‘smoking the competition’” supposed to be a joke or something? Just a robot frantically trying to free itself from the deathgrip of a tetra? :eek:

I believe it was actually smoking, look closely. Also Pat, you may want to remove the team name, they might not want the bad publicity.

Already fixed… sorry for the mistake, if you look closely, you can see smoke.

I remember that, it’s awesome that you guys got a picture.

I cant get that video to work at all… incorrect url?

That’s too bad you guys didn’t win the website award, but you still surely had one of the best out there! From what I have seen so far, I think the judges favor flash sites (ick) over others because they see it as animation and interactivity. Clean designs rock.

A lot of teams seem to be updating their websites as they are at competition… I didn’t know there was internet available, or perhaps there isn’t. We are going to the UCF Regional, anyone know if there will be any internet access available?

The url works for me!

Also, thanks for the kind words. Due to some problems we can’t get our latest pictures on-line just yet, but we should have the rest of them up by Monday!

Haha, I got the video to work and boy that sucks for that team! I wonder if they were faced with any penalties due to visual field obstruction :wink:

I couldn’t get the link to work just by clicking the link, but I tried directly accessing it in Windows Media Player and it worked fine, as soon as it finished downloading. What I think the problem is that AVI files were not intended and cannot stream. It might of just been a problem on my end, but I would recommend using WMV, QT, RM, or another streaming format (AVI’s are so old school :stuck_out_tongue: ).

APPENDED: When I first saw your robot (in the webcast), I thought you had attached a folding chair to the arm! I like that you can drive through the goals without having a snag.

At VCU there is internet. For students of VCU, luckily my mentor, Chad the Programmer, still had his login and stuff otherwise you couldn’t get on. I don’t know about other teams or regionals, but that’s how we did it.

I agree, Sparky384 is an awesome website.

Thanks for the wonderful comments about the website and I was talking to the webmaster of 623 (who won the website award) and he does website design for a living, so I know that that really means a lot to him. Great job 623!!

I’m currently working on our final update for the competition… I know I know!! the competition is over!!!

We are still waiting for all of our pictures and video to come in. We have tons of pictures that still need to be turned in to me and the other members of our media team, so I hope to get all that soon…

What i’m trying to find right now is a list of all the teams who won awards at VCU…so that we can post it on

Thanks again…

We have finally gotten all the awards information and pictures up on the site.

Hey 384 I love the Characture Hall of Fame. You need some more drawings :cool: