Team 384-Sparky

Hey guys this is our updated website for 2009 season. Some pages are still being constructed

Any feedback is welcome

Thank You

On a whole, I’d say it looks nice, but the upper navigation really bugs me. I’m not sure exactly what I would suggest to modify it, but I’ll think about it.

Can you tell me explain to me the specific thing you dont like? I will work on it…

the “students” link at the top of the page is weird…its in between the other 2 rows of links… other than that the site looks great!!

ok i dont really see it…but will try to move things around

HELLOOoooo from the North East :smiley:
I checked out the website and it looks great very good use of color and layout. keep up the good work, we at team 88 are trying to up date our website
We meet up in NJ in 2004 hope all is going well with the new bot. We will be in VA this year our first time its a (10 - 12hr ride) we are looking forward to see all the great teams at the VA reg. Take care and keep building !!!
GOOD LUCK TO ALL… SEEeeeee you SOOOoooon: :yikes:
MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2 oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!!

Using Safari 3.1.2 the “Students” link is on a row of it’s own, between the row starting with “Home” and going to “careFIRST” and the row starting with “FRC Challenge” and going to “Mentors”. I tried expanding/shrinking my browser window, but it remained alone in its own row.

I’d increase the margins on your mission statement (top kinda, especially the left and right). It would make it prettier.

Also, I’m not really a fan of the zoomy effect on the robot picture, I’d rather it just a picture of the robot with the text. This is a personal preference though.

Alright i dont know why that is happening i will look into…and tj2 we hope to see u at vcu

Hey guys thanks for your input…i fixed the main issue with the menus and safari

anything else just comment