Team 384 would like to thank...

The 2009 Version:

Team 384 would like to graciously thank the following mentors, sponsors and teams:

GE Volunteers - money and mentors
Qimonda - money and mentors
Flexicell - shop time and mentors
ShowBest - money and crate (if needed)
Syska Hennessy - money
Henrico County Education Foundation - money
ITT Tech - money
Hanover Powdercoating - for offering to paint our robot this year

Team 384 Mentors:
Mr. Daniels - for everything
Mr. Ciaschi - the new “mentor” on the block
Mr. Jeff - for electrical, pneumatics, shipping and everything else
Mrs. Hutchinson - thank you for transportation, food, and everything else
Mr. Lewis - I know you couldn’t be there as much as you wanted but thank you for all your help
Leo - thank you for helping us out in past years and making it easier to communicate with Qimonda
Ms. Norris - for vinyl and photos
Any others that i forgot to mention

Flexicell/Team 1086 Mentors:
Mr. Clarke - for helping us big time
“Jumper” - thank you for helping us build the robot by machining the parts and helping us put the robot together
Mr. Underwood - for helping us design the robot, welding, and machine parts
Mr. Thomas - thank you for helping us prototype and build the robot and machine parts
Mr. Walinski - thank you for helping us build the robot
Mr. Curfman - for helping us build the robot
Ms. Kutz and many other parents - for feeding us
Team 1086 students for helping us out

Alumi Mentors:
Rameez Khimani - for helping us build, program, and everything else
James McCarson - for coaching the drive team and leading us to the finals
Jiten Narang - for coaching and supporting us

My Team:
for sticking with it and finishing the robot

I am sorry if I forgot to mention someone! Please tell me so I can fix it.

Shaishav Parekh
Team 384 President

Also, thanks to our alliance members: 1522 and 1095 for picking us as the last selection!