Team 384's Electrical Board!!!

Alright this is Sparky’s electrical board:
Hope we didn’t make any team jealous!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Job by Mr. Jeff, Tri and me!!!
*the PWM’s are still to be cut to custom size and put on :slight_smile:

7 victors and 4 spikes!!! what are you powering with all of that?

Very nice!

Check the wiring for the top two Victors in the second photo. It looks like the positive and negative connections are reversed.

we have 10 victors and 1 spike… :ahh:

Thats one clean electrical bored. Where did you get the nifty right angle crimp connectors?

7 Victors and 4 spikes isn’t that bad. We have 7 Victors and 2 Spikes, and I imagine Sparky is probably just using a couple more cylinders than us. We’ve gone up to eight victors before, and I’ve seen as many as twelve used.

I’m jealous. My team doesn’t design around a set electronics board beforehand, we just get whatever random space is left and have to work with it :rolleyes: .

Keep guessing you will see at the nationals:p

Yea we had the chasis and we designed around that dimensions

There are also no wires running to the MAXI (gold colored) fuse panel for the CIMs.

All Grounds from the Victors need to run directly to the Distribution Block.

As per recent QandA traffic, grounds from the victors are not
required to be run directly to the distribution block, but wiring all
40 amp ground returns to the distribution block, as shown
in the provided wiring diagram, is a really good idea. I have
seen a lot of fried pushons and these were operating at currents
much lower than the CIM motor draws.


Thanks for the clarification. Thats what I meant.