Team 39 - Kicker prototype video

Hey guys, just dropping by to post a link to a quick teaser video featuring Team 39’s pneumatic kicker prototype!


Good luck to all the teams!

  • Austin


The ball was in contact with the floor???

Looks like they might be locking a charged cylinder … possibly with a charged volume backing it?

In any case, it looks great. Good luck to Team 39.

But can it shoot 20’ ?

I’m curious to see how teams with exceedingly powerful kickers manage to adjust their range so as to stay on the field.

After all, it is a penalty (and yellow card) for kicking the balls out of bounds (G19). Not to mention counter-productive to scoring.

I’m wondering the same thing. I have seen a couple shooters that can launch across the whole field, but if you can’t score from a shorter distance whats the point.

If you can kick 35ft., you get up close to the goal and slam it in, right? I agree, an adjustable kicker would be desirable in this game.

Excellent distance. I thought as long as you don’t intend to shoot outside the field, it is not a penalty, i.e. accidents aren’t penalties??

That looks like you shot it 50 feet… we couldn’t get that much distance with our pneumatics, although judging by the clip from 08, you are probably using a large cylinder.

Good luck

Yeah, we definitely wont always want to be kicking our ball at maximum distance, so this kicker was designed with the idea that we would also need to take shorter shots in mind.

  • Austin

Do any pistons come with the KOP?

Not this year, you will have to order them. I’m not sure if you get 3 freebies like previous years.

  • Austin

You get 3 freebies from Bimba