Team 3928's Electrical System/Teaser #1](
Here’s teaser #1 for Ultimate Ascent! We are priding ourselves this year on a really sleek and beautiful robot that will have organized cabling runs. Take a look! Maybe it will give you some ideas for this year that you can still implement, or maybe some really great ones for next year, either way, it’s still pretty cool. We have said that it kinda looks like a V8 engine if it’s looked at from the correct angle which is pretty cool too.

Which regional(s) will you be at this year?

We are attending the Greater KC Regional and the North Star Regional. How about you guys? Aren has come up with some sweet ideas this year. Can’t wait to share our robot once we get to our first regional!

Wow you really did some major image editing! I can’t even tell what sort of screws you used to secure your PD board. :ahh:

Taking a look, I would hazard a guess as to say that you’ve got at least 10 motor controllers on your robot. That would amount to, I’m thinking, six for drive, two for shooting, one for indexing/feeding, and one for climbing?

It appears they do not have 10 PWMs coming out of their Digital sidecar. I would say the number corresponds to the digital output?

Yup. That would give everything away, or would it? :slight_smile: Maybe that will be in the teaser for next week? Gotta engineer the teasers so that everything is revealed when our first regional is here :smiley:

Yes, that’s correct.

8 CIM Drive?

I can’t wait to see the real deal as your post has me excited, however the wiring runs for power to the PDB have me scratching my head as to their organization…it seems like they could’ve been optimized

I can’t wait to see the final robot either. Gonna be very, very interesting (if it all works as it’s CAD’d). I think that the organization is fine how we have it, as we are cramming the pneumatics and electronics in where they fit (like every other team I’m sure).