Team 3929 Scouting Sheet

That’s a good point. Our line of thought was that we would mark their general shooting position at the end of the match, not every shot they take. For instance, do they primarily shoot from behind the pyramid, under the pyramid, the feeder station, etc.?

Hello everyone, I’m the original creator of the sheet, here is an updated sheet, for excel, i have also included a PDF version for convenience.

3929 Scouting Sheet r1.1.xlsx (99.7 KB)
3929 Scouting PDF r1.1.pdf (40.1 KB)

3929 Scouting Sheet r1.1.xlsx (99.7 KB)
3929 Scouting PDF r1.1.pdf (40.1 KB)

Thanks for your source document. Naturally it has been hacked a bit. I had to do that for open office sanity. Font changes and some formatting streamlines made. Here’s a page preview capture. Note the addition of space for the scouters’ names. One sheet per team is the plan. I may make a workbook which has all of the CT regional teams in it. Fingers crossed that there will be enough interest among the team members to use this (or something) effectively.

The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. The kids and I used it as a template and modified it to our likings. Thanks for posting.

We’ve always used a paper system. This sheet was a great base (with some changes) for our scouts at bayou regional. It really shows a team’s progress throughout the tournament. Thanks for posting the scout sheet!

We were just discussing this today at Mt. Olive and Chris Pham and Emmett are very happy that these were well made and were used by some top teams. These two are slowly perfecting 3929’s scouting system.

Here are our cards based off of yours :slight_smile: Read more about how accurate they worked (SUPER accurate) for us down in KC!

Team 1836 used your scouting sheet for the LA regional, and we liked it a lot. As we have never data scouted before, it was a very easy and problem free way to get started. Thank you so much for sharing these sheets with us.

Great Scouting sheet. We have incorporated many of your same attributes into a web-based tablet application. This gives our drive team real-time statistics for strategy planning. We are heading to St. Louis and our intent is to scout all 4 divisions. We would love to share our application with anyone that will help with a little manpower scouting.

Cool to see how many teams used this. Great work Emmett and Chris! :slight_smile:

Kudos to them! And the accuracy we were able to figure out Saturday’s results in KC was astonishing :ahh: 97%! Great job Emmett and Chris for making a card and KISS’ing it!

It’s very neatly organized and it can be super helpful. What a great idea!