Team 3940 CyberTooth Proudly Presents our 2020 Robot - Pegasus

Team 3940 is excited to show off our 2020 (2021?) Infinite Recharge robot; Pegasus.

Pegasus is our best creation yet. Some highlights:

  • Folding two stage climber for hanging at any height

  • AM14U4 in 8WD config with SmoothGrip wheels

  • Open triple belt V hopper inspired by 6135

  • Over the bumper intake with belt-in-tube power train (no motors outside the frame!)

  • Variable compression shooter with enough gusto to shoot the full length of the field. Shoots 95% accurate from the initialization line regardless of game piece condition.

Pegasus will rise someday, but we wanted to show off our hard work so far. We can’t wait to see what Pegasus will do when it sees a real competition field.



Wow, game was just announced yesterday you guys are done already?


That’s a very nice Pegasus

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  1. The packaging on that elevator is so slick. I love the perpendicular chain runs.
  2. I love a killer robot with a kit drive, and this looks like a killer robot.
  3. Baby Yoda plate!
  4. Shout out to Queen Amidala in the background at 1:05.
  5. Oh man, I miss playing with robots so much.
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How do you get a variable compression shooter? The hood looks fixed in your design? The robot looks really good though!

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Get you some eyes for that pegasus

There’s a grid in 1/2" increments that allows us to tune the fixed hood. We actually gain about 1" of compression throughout the ballpath in the shooter from start to finish in the most recent configuration. Something about this really made the robot not care at all about the condition of the game pieces.



Every year, I get more and more impressed with what CyberTooth churns out.

And the robots aren’t bad either.


This should be the advertisement for the AM14U, seriously. I know AndyMark sponsors y’all but they should borrow this and put it in every advertisement between now and next January. I guarantee every team that thinks the kitbot is low iq will change their minds. It’ll be like what Jordan did for Nike.


Very cool! Can’t wait to see it in action.

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Anyone who thinks this hasn’t used one. Kitbot is legit.


Tru dat

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Thanks! We preach a lot about effective resource management at local forums around here. We have plenty of CNC machining capability, but we’ve never been a team that has been limited by using an upgraded AM14U family chassis. We have had our drive together and passed off to our software group within the first two to three days of competition season every year for the past three seasons now.

The people who design the KOP chassis are mentors on 3940, so we’re both biased in the wishes to use it, but also highly knowledgeable in it; so we can teach our students all the tips and tricks to make the most of such a versatile platform. We like the 8WD config because it’s easy to drive, and easy to switch wheels as needed throughout the season.


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I very much like purple robots :+1:t2:


Great looking robot as always. I think the biggest question is when is AM going to start offering the white compliant wheels as a regular product?


Where did you hide the intake motor? I think i see it but i cant be too sure

I really like the use of the pneumatic cylinders on the intake to deploy and keep spacing. Always looking for ways to perform multiple tasks with less moving parts.

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Here’s a build picture, it’s a pair of NEO 550s tucked under the front of the hopper with a 12:85 gear pair. We hid 5 of them on this robot, THEY ARE JUST SO SMALL!


what modifications did y’all make to the KOP drivetrain?

Well for starters they made it purple