Team 3949 Showcase (Greater Toronto Central Regional)

This robot was based off the Robot in 3 day concept.

Our Robot:

We were ranked 19th in the Greater Toronto Central Regional and unfortunately not chosen as part of any alliance.

We sometimes ran into trouble as we drove over the white scoring platform, sometimes we would get stuck. Also we would sometimes have trouble gripping onto the lip of the totes.

Instead of using a central linear actuator to control the intake of the totes, we used bungee cords and tied knots to create greater compression on to the totes and containers. The elasticity allowed it to stretch when taking a totes or recycling container. The only flaw to this is when putting the totes or container down to the floor, it would hit the wheels, which we broke off a few times(once including a motor shaft). We fixed the wheels and it never broke off again in our qualification matches. We also used the inside of latex tubing to get a better grip onto totes as we felt the grip on the wheels were wearing off.

Overall it was great experience as we got to observe many different concepts and dominating teams to watch out for such as Skyhawks 610 and Simbotics 1114.

I would gladly answer any questions about our robot and our competition.

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