Team 399 2017 Robot: Impulse

Here is Team 399’s 2017 Robot.

4 cim WCD geared for 16fps
Hopper capacity ~ 50-60 balls
Active gear mechanism
Low goal scoring dumping full hopper in ~ 3 seconds
Hanger powered by 2 minicims with a 40:1 ratio

Competing at:
San Diego

I’ve been waiting to see someone build almost this exact robot! Well done 399! And good luck!

Ooo. I dig your choices, a lot. I look forward to competing with/against you in Denver in a couple weeks. That is a Hot Bot for sure! You guys always impress.

3230 has a similar design!

I look forward to seeing 399’s robot in Idaho! Looks good!

Fantastic camera work. Kudos to Ethan, Bryan, and the rest of the media crew. Can’t wait to play with you guys this week.

Love this robot. If 2170 had a bit more time this is exactly what we would have turned our low shooter into.

Awesome stuff!

Good job 399! I expect to see Impulse doing a lot of work at competition!

hehe, physics jokes

I’m looking forward to seeing this robot up close this weekend!

Awesome job 399! Excited to be competing with you at San Diego AND Idaho!!


Actually though, looks really sick. Hope I get to see it at Chezy Champs!