Team 399 Competition Summary Video

Team 399’s Competition season summary video:

Big thanks to our alliance partners:
SD: 1540, 2439, 294 (Finalists)
LA: 294, 2339 (Semifinalists)
UT: 2122, 3239 (Champions)
GAL: 40, 175 (Semifinalists)

We are practicing hard for IRI…

Some specs on our robot:
Arm manipulator, roler claw.
-Banebots High traction wheels almost guarantee tube acquisition
6WD 6" AM Performance wheels, center dropped
1.7-1.4 second minibot(4 second minibot until after LA and SD, 1.7-1.4 Utah to Galileo), automatic timer deployment
Single tube auton, consistent after a certain tweak in Utah, again during elims in Galileo

If you have any questions about our machine, ask away!