Team 399 Presents: Cortex

Eagle Robotics would like to present our 15th robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition: Cortex.

Reveal Video

Another beautiful machine from 399. It’s great seeing Cortex fully functional, and I can’t wait to see it in competition.

Eagle 399 was among the very first to open my eyes to what a robotics team could accomplish. I’ll admit that my expectations of students were far lower before I met your team in competition. 1339 has come a long way since then as a team, and I know I’ve grown as a mentor/coach, but I can still see the bar you set wayyyyy up there. Thanks!

Also, nice robot. Really nice.

Also also, we’ll see you in Utah!

Another solid robot from 399. Looking forward to seeing you in both Utah and Las Vegas…

Looks great, as always. Team 399 never fails to amaze me.

See you guys in Utah!

If by that you mean assault the eyes, then yeah.

Love the bot dude, nice to see it come together. Hope to see it at CMP this year.

Well I’m not gonna say that being able to track their bot on the field with minimal effort and peripheral vision thanks to the orange frame and bright lights is a bad thing…