Team 3992 gets a new home!

Hey CD!

Our team just got a new place to call home and we just wanted to share it!

And of course a huge thanks to ICS, Inc, our sponsor which provides us this awesome space.

What do you guys think??

Looks like room for a full field and a place above to keep all of your previous years robots for many years to come:) So many teams would be envious!

Hot diggity I want. That looks like an amazing space. I also notice a nice garage doors which means a trailer may be able to fit inside this place (or at least back up to the door for loading.

There’s actually three of them; two on the back wall and one at the front.

And yes, certainly it can fit a trailer. I think it was something like 8 feet wide and 10 feet tall

You’re blessed to have such a wonderful sponsor and a great facility! Congratulations and good luck with the move in!

Wow…give me the name of your closest airport and I’ll book a flight tonight!

That looks like an AMAZING build space, congrats! We would absolutely love to have that. There seems to be plenty of room for different parts of your team to work, storage, and a practice field. Good luck, and please take more pictures once your all settled in and set up! :slight_smile:

Haha, well, to be honest, we don’t even know where to start…

We’re having trouble thinking of ways to fill all of this space xD

Ohhh now you’re just rubbing it in our faces :] :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Butttttt, on a more serious note, what extend of machines do you have? And do you have any other tables, chairs, computers, workspaces to use as well? Also, do you have any sort of practice field? Even if you have extra space, thats’ never a bad thing. I PROMISE it will be fileld up later, just wait an see. Remember, organization is key. Lastly, try hanging posters or banners on the walls as well; that might make it feel not as big, and more home-ier. =)

Pity it’s so small…:rolleyes:

Oh, don’t worry about filling it, that’ll happen soon enough.
Some planning as to where large tools should go (often dictated by where power is), workspaces, and storage will go a long way here. “Dirty” machining tools in one place, “loud” tools in another, “clean” work over there…

Having a permanent practice field will be amazing. I can’t begin to imagine how many hours we waste setting up and taking down our practice field (in a back parking lot at our school). It’s impressive that as a second year team you’ve been able to establish yourselves and garner such awesome support!

Not many machines. We have a 10" Miter Saw, a bench grinder, and a benchtop mini drill press. That’s the extent of our really “big” tools. We were considering getting some other tools but didn’t see the necessity; I’d love to be proven wrong though.

Yes, we have all of those, however, if you look at the pic, there’s like, a huge enclosure in the middle of the warehouse. This has like, 6 rooms, 2 offices, 2 cubicles, 2 restrooms, conference room, etc. Most non-mechanical stuff will be held in there.

Well not as of now, although building the field perimeter wouldn’t hurt I suppose. We have an FTC field already since we have two FTC teams.

And yep! Getting banners printed :smiley:

Large tools are minutely large at best xD. Mechanical workspaces yes, I suppose, since almost everything non-mech is filtered into that enclosure. And yeah I get what you’re saying.

Sounds like it certainly would… I can’t imagine doing that, major props. And thank you. We’re the only FRC team in our city, and I don’t think there’s more than 5 or so in our county (I could be wrong). I started the FTC & FRC programs/teams in our school, and I want to set the teams on stable footing and a solid direction before I graduate (2014).

Sounds like if you set up a practice field, you could get some support from teams in your area and have a community practice field.

Well my initial thought was to host a scrimmage towards the end of the season, kind of like 179 did during last season for our local teams.

Definitely keep your real estate firm happy. We also used connections to real estate last season for a small space.

This is very good advice and not something I’ve thought of…we’ll keep our ears out. That said our long term hope is to have a better workspace on campus.

Yeah… I don’t know how it is in your school or your school district, but the bureaucracy, regulation, and slow and poor communication within our schools/district is enough to put off most teams from working in their schools. If your school/district isn’t like this, that’s phenomenal, and I’m jealous :slight_smile:

Totally jealous for the space… not for the huge “what do we do now?” feeling.

I’m just happy to have secured a 12’x12’ office at my school for our team to put tools, equipment.

We are a private school (actually, three private schools, but we meet at one) so not exactly the same arrangement. The administration is supportive but has stated they won’t be able to provide us with those kind of resources unless we can establish robotics as an academic program. Which is exactly what we’re going to do :slight_smile: I don’t think we’ll ever get a warehouse-sized crib though.

Just FYI 179 hosts the scrimmage every year the last Saturday before build ends (February 16th this season) if you want more teams to come (including 179) you might want to pick a date other than the 16th

Ah, I see.

Well, why not? Are there no industrial parks in this area? Are the schools not okay with you meeting off campus?

I’ll keep that in mind. If we do it, I’d love to see 1523 there!