Team 4 ELEMENT in Big Hero 6 End Credits

We received an email yesterday regarding this, so we thought we’d like to let the cat out of the bag. We had the opportunity to help out as technical consultants on Big Hero 6.

Our team members were technical consultants for the movie, helping the writers understand what it’s like being kids who build robots. There are lots of cool additions our team was able to make such as phrases like “that’s janky” and a McMaster catalog cameo due to our constant use of the big yellow book. We were grateful for the opportunity and hope you guys enjoy the project as much as we enjoyed helping with it.

Great job guys! It’s awesome that FIRST is in more and more Hollywood movies these days.

Now that’s cool! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see it soon…

That is super cool! I can’t wait to go see the movie now! Congrats on the cool partnership.

I just saw it last night with a member of my team, and we were wondering about that McMaster Carr book…

This makes so much sense.

I just got back from seeing the movie with some of my teammates, and we were laughing about the McMaster-Carr book. We didn’t realize that a FIRST team was responsible for it!

That’s really neat that FIRST is spreading into major Hollywood productions! Congrats!

Very Awesome! congrats to you guys! Thank you for spreading the word!:smiley:

So sick!! Can’t wait to go see it next week with my girlfriend. It’s gonna be sickk

That is just too cool. Now I have even more obscure Easter eggs to look for when I watch BH6.

I cannot be sick; I am a robot. :o

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! It was an amazing opportunity for our students. I hope that more opportunities like this arise for FIRST teams!

Oh wow! I had a chance to see the movie this weekend with a few friends (because robots), but oh man I thought I was seeing things while reading the credits!

Great job guys, I’m glad to know that the program that I am in is involved in so much more that engineering and robots :cool:

(I’m also glad to know that I’m not crazy :P)

My team thinks of itself as being part of the Church of McMaster Carr, so Ioved the catalog cameo. Anybody remember what number they put on it?

BTW, McMaster said the catalog number was 111. They are currently delivering 120, if you rate well enough to get one.

I never look at the book anymore as their website and online ordering process is spectacular.

It’d be cool to have some sort of commentary where we could see what points in the movie your team thinks/knows they had direct impact on.

What a cool opportunity! How did they find/reach you? What was the process like? Was it one day interview or multiple points of contact? Were you able to see the movie before hand? Review the script? Did they (the movie people) talk to mostly students or did mentors have a lot of input as well? I’m really curious as to the logistics of this.

Just saw the movie with my 5 year old daughter and her friends.
Until I saw it, I had no idea what it was about, other than it was a kids show.

Great movie!

Thanks for the kind words! We’re watching the movie together as a team this Saturday, so I’ll be sure to jot down what points we think we had an effect on in the movie. The writers got in touch with one of our mentors after searching for teams in the area, and they came by for one robotics meeting, from 4-6. They talked mainly to the students, as we led them around our shop, showing them the various machines and robots. They asked us for jargon that people in the field would use. I remember the writers didn’t know the word “actuator”, so they took note of it, and I heard it said in the movie. We weren’t shown the movie or script beforehand, hence the team only seeing it together this Saturday (although I cheated a bit and saw it when it came out). It was mostly the students who led their visit, going through the different aspects of our team (machining, programming, electronics, etc.) with some mentor input. If you have any more questions, just ask! We’re glad to have had this opportunity, and we’re hoping that other FIRST teams have similar chances to get the word out.

That is so awesome! Congratulations, team ELEMENT! Just one more reason to see that movie!

Now, your 2015 robot should be named Baymax. Please :smiley:

For real though, that movie looks epic! I can’t wait to see it!

I need to see the movie…looks like it should be a good one. Congrats for getting involved with it!

heh…one thing that bugs me about movies like WallE, is that the robots not only dont have actuators, there is also no place for actuators to fit on the robots.

I’m hoping they’ll show the trailer for Spare parts at Hero 6…that would be robot nirvana!

I just saw the movie, and can I just say it was amazing!!:ahh: The whole time I was back and forth between being really pumped, and crying (I’m really a wimp when it comes to movies, but seriously it was sad). It’s really a must-see for anyone on a team! and they DID play the Spare Parts trailer! I want to go see that too! I hope there are many more movies with robotics elements in the future – we deserve some recognition :wink:

Agreed, excellent movie!

The moment I saw the “Spare Parts” trailer, I knew I would go see that one as well. Let’s just hope it is as inspirational as 842 is in real life!