Team 40 Championship Preview

It’s been a while since we’ve played so we wanted to share a bit before we left for St. Louis. Good luck and safe travels to all the teams!

Good luck to you guys.

I was looking for a video for so long to show people your two tube autonomous.

Bring home another championship for New England.

40 is a strong competitor for Einstein this year. I’m excited to see how they do. Awesome awesome robot.

…and now I’ll be whistling that song for the rest of the day.

Wow, this video doesn’t give this robot justice!

Good luck 40, go show Einstein what NH can do! :wink:

Wait a sec, does this mean your host robot and minibot are named Pinky and the Brain, or vice-versa?

Good Luck 40, I look forward to sneaking a peak of one of your matches.

The HOSTBOT is named Pinky, and the MINIBOT is named The Brain.

10 tubes scored in one match at the end of the video !

Very impressive

That ending bit was a very nice touch. You built a SUPER FAST Robot to be able to score 3 tubes in 12 seconds ^.^
Amazing robot, it was really nice to see the coveted Checkmate double autonmous I’ve been hearing about, and I hope I can go down to Champs and see the bot in person!

Good luck Jess, Dan, and the rest of Team 40. See you down there.

You guys are defiantly an awesome team. I loved watching you guys at WPI. Good look in St.Louis! Hope to see you guy on Einstein! :smiley:

I bumped into your team on the bus to the airport from the vex championships. The robot looks fantastic! Great job and good luck in the competition.

My same thought…40 is even more impressive in person.

good luck to you in the championships Team 40 is always a great team. Keep your socKs ON, Maybe I will see ya again some time
MOE OH YEAH !!!:smiley:

Good luck Trinity!!!

Suffield was awesome with you guys.

You guys have a real good robot this year a and from looking at the others teams in Galileo you guys have a real chance.

best of Luck