Team 40 invites you to play Rack n Roll using Vex kits!

Mini FRC is back - and you’re invited!

Team Checkmate has brought the 2007 game, Rack n Roll, down to a 1/3 scale in Vex. Test out your ideas before you build the final!

Robots can be a maximum dimension of 10" x 13" x 16", 20", or 24" (depending on your FRC weight class). There are no weight requirements for the Vex robots.

2.5" diameter pool noodles shaped in a 10" diameter circle will be used to represent the inner tubes.

The Details:
Saturday, January 13th
Trinity High School (581 Bridge Street, Manchester NH)
Entry Fee: Teams must bring at least one 1/3 scale competition-ready robot as their entrance fee into the competition.
Lunch will be available for purchase at the event.

Please RSVP by 1/11/07.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Boucher at 603-625-8600 or email at

Best of luck in the 2007 game!
Jessica Boucher & Team Checkmate

Find me a 1/3 version of a HEMI, a kleenex box and some bubble gum, we’ll talk. :wink:

Oh boy, I definitely can’t wait! WPI team 190 will be building a robot for competition on Saturday.

Is there any way you can post a picture of the ringer/pool noodle?

Also, if anyone is curious about Mini FRC, check out the link in my signature.

I don’t think I would be able to make it to compete with a Vex robot on the 13th, but I’m definitely building a 1/3 scale robot of this year’s game! :smiley:

My father and I are building a 1/3 scale version of the complete rack (complete with mini-chains, so all the spider legs move!) at our house as we speak, which will be completed by Wednesday. We also plan to bring this 1/3 scale rack into our Gus meetings, so we can let all of the students prototype all their own ideas with our Vex kits, especially since we plan to use CNC sheet metal parts for many of the mechanisms/frame on our robot this year. :smiley:

you might like this then.

Will any video be posted of the matches that were played?

Also, you don’t have to stick to FVC-legal Parts! This is not a FVC event, but rather the first chance to see the game played. Use whatever works for you!

We are talking about posting videos, but it depends on our schedule.

Question: The 10 in diameter tube, is that inside or outside diameter? The picture you have posted looks significantly smaller in comparison than the one that I made with the same exact pool noodle. Mine was 10 in. OD. The ID doesn’t look like a 1/3 scale of a ringer.

Good find BTW. I would have never thought of pool noodles to use.

Link to the picture of the tubes:

Outside diameter. We’re going to try to get it as close to scale as we can, so it may change. If you have any tips on how to bend them, feel free to share!

This sounds like such an awesome idea - except 1251’s based in South Florida >.<. Have fun and good luck this season! :]

If someone could film the event or just the robot doing the mission I think it would be very helpful to the community seeing as VEX robots are pretty much prototypes of FRC bots or at least could be.


I second this request. I wanted to prototype our ideas for this year as a Vex bot, but if I bother now it won’t be that close simply because of the difficulty in making elevator/extender parts on a Vex robot, which it looks like we’ll have numerous of.

Heh… after remeasuring the OD of my version of a ringer, it’s about an inch too big. Oh… I also wrapped the entire thing in orange duct tape.

Thanks to all the teams who showed up for Mini FRC at intelitek headquarters!

Here are some photos:

Also, some notes:
-Mini green lights can be run off of a Vex battery.
-The pool noodles are taped using packing tape and then covered in hockey tape. Pool noodles take forever to ship and thus we decided not to paint them. We used yellow for spoilers, and added an extra piece of white tape for keepers.