Team 4004 2014 Robot Auton

Over our first four un-bag hours we completely redid that way we shoot, from a catapult to a pneumatic puncher. Here is the first of two autos we are working on, this one curves to the left and the other goes straight ahead. Sadly I didn’t take any footage of the straight drive :frowning: After running the auto over ten times and never missing a shot on the mock-up field we believe we should be good for West Michigan this coming weekend!

Thank you to Wavelength, Team 3572, for inviting us over to practice with their field! It was a big help for practice!

That’s awesome! It isn’t easy to re-evaluate, redesign, and re-fabricate a new system during the competition season. Especially one that works and scores in autonomous! Big kudos to you.

Best of luck to you guys!

Thank you!

It was great having you guys over to practice, we learned a lot just by getting to see everyone up and running. Your new launcher looks great and super consistent. Hopefully we can recreate some of the catches and handoffs we tried when we get to GVSU.

Thank you Mr. Basse! We greatly enjoyed the ability to come over and practice with you guys. I agree, hopefully we will be able to show off those truss catches and in-bot handoffs.