Team 4004 M.A.R.S. Rovers mechanical tests

Here are a few videos of some mechanical verification tests this weekend. Some tweaking still required.

Ball Shooter:
Lifting hook deployment:
Going up:

Electronics board is going in tonight and then on to full system tests… Down to the wire now (pun intended :wink: ), hope all goes well.

Good luck everyone!!!

Looking good! See you at West MI.

Impressive! Was your focus on scoring quick cycles, or are you versatile when facing the defenses as well?

Be sure to test your hook deployment mechanism with your front bumpers in place. It looks like it might not reach.

Thanks Madison. We did hold some pool noodles where the bumpers go during another test and the hooks do reach :slight_smile: . Good observation tho.

Our focus was to try and be able to accomplish all the tasks of the game. So we are versatile when facing the defenses. The plan is to run quick cycles over more than just the low bar, and then use our hang at the end…and possibly shoot another high while we’re hung…if the code works that is.