Team 401 2022 and 2023 CAD Releases

Team 401 is proud to release CAD and technical documentation for our 2022 and 2023 robots as well as for our new battery cart and driver station. Questions are welcome!

2022 Robot - Jörmungandr

Tech Binder and Onshape Doc

Robot Features

  • SDS MK4i L2 swerve modules
  • Motor actuated, full width 6 bar intake
  • 540° turret range
  • Continuously variable hood with top roller
  • Dual Thrifty telescopes + intake hooks for traversal climb

2023 Robot - Mušḫuššu

Tech Binder and Onshape Doc

Robot Features

  • SDS MK4i L2 swerve modules
  • “Not Quite Pink” Arm with 250° of rotational range and 30" of extension
  • Belt in tube driven wrist with 330° of rotational range
  • Grabs cone flange or tip from any orientation from both sides
  • Scores cones and cubes out either side of robot
  • Hour meter to track robot enable time using toggleable PDH slot
  • Toggle switches for brake/coast mode for all motors and for all LEDs on the robot

Battery Cart

Onshape Doc


  • 3x Dual Pro RS3 Chargers
  • 9 battery slots
  • COTS hand truck for base frame
  • Constructed from plasma cut 12 gauge steel plate
  • Makes moving batteries easy for any team member
  • Minimizes floor space used for batteries in pit

Driver Station


Onshape Doc


  • 2x Thrustmaster t.16000m joysticks
  • 1x Xbox 360 controller
  • 200+ RGB LEDs with serial comms to laptop
  • Heads up display on SmallRig arm
  • Ethernet bulkhead for connecting to field
  • Integrated C14 power plug for charging laptop
  • USB C dock to connect all peripherals

Thanks for sharing!

where did you get your heads up display and arm for the driver station?

Very nice, clean CAD. Just curious why two joysticks? You don’t use the twist axis of the joystick to rotate the robot?

I love your driver station. Simple but clean. A lot of ones I’ve been looking at to try and find some inspiration have been way over complicated. This is almost exactly what I had planned. Thanks for this


They’re both from Amazon: Arm, Monitor

Correct. The left stick is robot translation, the right stick is robot rotation, it’s called split arcade and is a pretty common control style. We’ve played with using a single joystick and using the twist axis but have always found it’s hard to do pure translation or pure rotation in that setup so we stay with split arcade. It’s also nice to have more buttons available for rarely used bindings or test modes.

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