Team 4020 Software Release and 3D parts

Team 4020’s software featured a unique autonomous engine that may be of interest.

In addition, the camera server VI has modifications that allowed it to connect reliably. Our team had trouble with the camera server connecting reliably even after the fixes developed by FRC were made available.

Our team used the ADIS16448 chip for navigation. Some minor modifications were made to the open vi and the Loop vi. The open vi was made to loop internally until the chip booted. We had some problems where the chip would not initialize properly on reboot of the roborio. We also added an option to turn off the filtering for the AHRS algorithm to save processor time. Our team did not use the AHRS.

This link below should provide access to 3 folders. First one has a few 3D printed parts such as a battery box. The other two have 2017 Labview projects for driver station and robot code. Sorry, we’re still searching for the original design file for the logitec C270 camera mount.