Team 4061's Rookie Build: "1 of 1"!/photo.php?fbid=309186782476796&set=o.348977205130528&type=3&theater

WAIT!, That’s no rookie bot! that is a beautiful machine! great job!

That is amazing looking for a rookie robot, you even looked better than some of the veteran robots I saw. How accurate is the shooter and can you balance well?

Thanks for the kind words. We only got a weekend of practice before we had to bag her up. We had a few autonomous cycles where we hit both two point shots and tipped the Coop Bridge. The tipper is a beast with ~50lb of downward force. We weighted our bridge to a total of 244 lbs and it tips with no problem. We went with a wide base design to aid with making room on the bridge. This is a 4 CIM 6 wheel drive that is pretty smoothe. With practice we expect to be an asset on the bridges. We also designed the robot to shoot the ball 30+ feet as a means to send back court balls quickly to our alliance.

We held back our shooter head, the CRio, and the camera as part of our 30 lb allowance to further characterize shooting and work on programming. I think the limited driving/shooting practice will be our biggest challenge.


Tipping and balance are our best values. Working on shooting.
We will try to be good on defence , passing and balance (we want CP)

Wow, with a coat of paint you could have fooled me into thinking that’s anyone’s bot…very nice bot, especially from a new team. It sounds like you really know what you’re doing. Don’t forget that this bot will only see about 1 hour of run time over it’s entire competition life, so don’t be afraid to drive it hard.

Do you know your front bumpers are illegal?

helping to improve your shooting with out changing anything mechanically. What we did with a double sided shooter is only turn on the bottom wheels with 100% power and the top was at 0. This way you can get more accurate and have back spin.

Good Luck! :smiley: