Team 41 2020 Preseason Flywheel Design Release

This year Team 41 RoboWarriors decided to revisit familiar areas of mechanical design for the First Robotics Competition. We expanded on our knowledge by taking a familiar concept, a flywheel shooter, and added a rotating component. This was so the mechanism could track a target as the robot moves. We designed the flywheel shooter around the 2017 Steamworks challenge, using the corresponding “fuel cell” dimensions.

Grabcad link:

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Thank you for sharing this. A flywheel is a mechanism with which I don’t have much familiarity. This looks interesting.

I see a shooter wheel but no flywheel.

What is the difference between a flywheel and a shooter wheel?

I think the flywheel is commonly a weighted wheel that does not directly contact the ball. It is there to lend rotational inertia.

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What @Zook said. A flywheel is a wheel that increases the momentum of the shooter. You could technically make the flywheel and wheel one if you did custom treads and what not, but it’s usually simpler to have a separate flywheel. You could even use old steel gears with a hex bore as a flywheel.

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