Team 41: Introducing Selene

Video coming soon…

Shooter Closeup
Pick-up system


Looks great! Can’t wait to play with you guys this year after that great bot last year. I half expected a dumper though. Whats the speed of the shooting in balls/sec?

Looks like a solid bot!

Links worked in IE…

Looks great. I really like the intake shot!

Hmm… The links are working fine for me…

Great looking bot guys! :slight_smile:

  • Austin

Looking very nice! Cant wait for NYC again.

HELLOOoooo from the North East :smiley:
Well… what a super job on this one… Hope you have a great year with this bot :stuck_out_tongue: . We at TJ2 have not been in NJ for a long time and miss seeing team 41:( . Maybe we will return some year ???
Until that time is here may we wish you all good times in 2009…:wink:
Say a big MOE HELLOOOooo to SAL for me, Thankx !!!
Moe and Team 88 TJ2 TYE DYE for ever oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!!

Kewl Robot

Does “Selene” have some significance

“Selene” is the Greek Goddess of the Moon

Videos are also available of her driving and doing donuts: