Team 4130 Robot Reveal: PRESSURISE

Hello all! I hope everyone enjoyed the last bag day of FIRST! Team 4130 presents our 2019 robot: PRESSURISE as we rise from pressure to compete in Destination: Deep Space. We will be competing at FiM Gull Lake and FiM Marysville, and hopefully another 2 in Week 7 & 9? Can’t wait to see everyone this season.


That’s a loooong arm. How does it fit in the frame perimeter at the start of the match? Robot looks sick, can’t wait to see y’all compete!


In this picture it Isint all the way down because we’re testing something, but the wrist rolls in and arm goes to the bottom. Top to bottom is about 7 tenths of a second.


Very nice. Every year you guys outdo the previous year! But a little birdy told me he thought you guys were climbing, and I don’t see the mechanism to do it yet. Still working on it?

Your robot turned out great. Looking good in that powder-coat!


Oh it’s climbing, you just can’t see it. It’s within the chassis. Thanks again Tom! I’m sure we will be by soon

Thank you! You as well!

Now you gave away all the surprises might well post more pictures.

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thank you!

Cant wait to see this in action. Will see you guys in Marysville, good luck!

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What powers the arm?

Versa DM with two 775’s with a cim output into a single speed double reduction gearbox.

so chain and sprocket?