Team 4143 presents our bot. (the name is still being worked on)

Enjoy. it’s our first one.

We now have a website. MarsWars(dot)org come on over and check us out.

That’s gotta be one of the prettiest rookie bots out there. Excellent job!

Wait wait wait.

That thing looks like it can actually play the game…

Rookies aren’t supposed to be able to do that…:wink:

(Good job!)

Thanks, we seeded 9th in the qualification rounds at the Milwaukee regional, and we get selected to be on the number 7 alliance. We lost both our elimination rounds, but won Rookie All-Star! we’ll see you guys at the world championship.

I am very impressed with your robot, especially considering this being your team’s first year. If you guys can continue to create such high quality robots, I wouldn’t be surprised if seeing you at Championships becomes commonplace.

Again, good job. From what I’ve seen of your bot, you can be held as an example of what all rookie teams should aspire to in terms of robot construction.

ok, so while at the St. Louis competition we were stuck around the 50’s range, but when the selection time came for finals we were selected by the number one alliance in our division (Wave Robotics 2826 and The H.O.T Team 67) we ended up as division finalists and tying for 5th in the world. we were very happy.

we have pictures and videos from both the regional and the world championship on our website