Team 4152 Outreach while social distancing

For the last three weeks team 4152 has been running our Techno Girls program. We have 10 girls (grades 5-10) meeting online every week to learn how to design a mini robot. Our ultimate goal is to meet in the fall and build the mini robot. This way they’re exposed to all the different sub teams for our FRC team. We’re really happy with the progress - a number of them have stated that they plan to join the team once they are in high school. We are putting all the tutorials we are making online - only the first six so far but there will be around 30 once we are done. If your team does make use of these resources please let me know so we can keep track of the impact our program has.


Hey @Ian_McTavish, Mark from Onshape here :slight_smile: . I really love what you’re doing here! This is a really amazing guide for those who are brand new to CAD. Do you mind if I share with other teams that are just getting started in the Onshape network?

Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait to see more!


Thanks Mark! Please feel free to share the site, we just ask that people contact me or team 4152 if they find it useful. Tomorrow we are starting gearbox design - really impressed with some of the grade 5 students that are doing a great job!