Team 4159 week 3 Video

Team 4159’s week 3 video,

Check it out!

Where are all your safety glasses?

No kidding. Get some eye protection, especially for fabrication activity (building stuff)!

What size is that Robot, It looks like it may be over the limit.

Great robot Cardinalbotics! I gotta say, out of all of the rookie teams in CA I’ve talked to this year, you have the most potential!

Good luck!

p.s. You have a driving robot! Now get it to play basketball. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s 27X32

wow this team is amazing! i sure hope they get the rookie allstar award!

Nice work guys, and no hawaiin cadder, the robot looks fine.

Check out our week 3 video if you’d like

Good luck!

Hadn’t yet realized how large 28 by 38 is, our cantilevered frame is throwing everything out of perspective for me.

Looks awesome.