Team 4201 (Near LAX; LA Regional Location) Opens Full Practice Field

Team 4201 is opening our full field starting this Saturday 1/18 and every Saturday thereafter. We have an AndyMark Perimeter and have finished most of our field elements (two power port towers, two loading stations, one generator switch, boundaries, and 1 control panel with the second just needing its wheel attached). We are also looking into obtaining the entertainment trussing from a sponsor and will let you know if that happens (or if we’ll be building it out of wood).

This will also be the practice field for the LA Regional.

Here is the sign-up link and a bunch of photos of our field. Feel free to reach out to me with questions or if the public times don’t work for your team, something else can possibly be arranged.



Thank you joy!

This is super rad! I hope a bunch of teams get use out of it.

One suggestion: upgrading the rendevouz point to 3x1 steel is probably worthwhile. I think it was valuable on our field. I used a wood 3x1 last year and went to steel this year (donated by a local steel supplier; market value ~$200) and see a qualitative difference in how robots drive over it that makes me think it’s worth the investment.

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From what I’ve heard, that general sort of thing may be in the plan. But I’m not on 4201 so I don’t know details.

If the cargo corrals from last year are anything to go by, they’ll be torn to shreds sooner or later; we’ll reassess by then. I’m also working on getting the correct thickness and color polycarbonate around the thermal exhaust port “PoWeR pOrT”.

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Our original plan was to build the field as FIRST’s drawings suggested and reassess from there.
I’ve passed along the suggestion for the boundries to the right people and we’ll look into the possibility for a sponsorship for the metal.

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We ended up going with the wood design. Thanks 118 for the design!

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