Team 422 Claw Teaser

there is a youtube video of our robot posted at that link. Weve been working super hard for the last 3 days to get our robot working, and we still ended behind schedule. There is some final polishing up to do on our main claw system before handing it over to programing and driving, but besides that we pretty much have it done. what a good season!

nice… it is obviously still a WiP, but nice nonetheless

i know it’s not finished … but in that orientation, it will prove difficult to put that tube on the rack. some articulation should be in order.

other than that, it looks good. good luck.

just so everyone knows, it was a ‘teaser’ for a reason. we put a very crude prototype of a concept on our 2003 robot (held it there) just to make it look like it was part of that robot and we finished it. it was a joke. too bad nobody got it. oh well.

Very nice design. My team is also thinking of doing a Claw as well. Maybe some food for thought but maybe make the claw grab the tube long ways because obviously, it can pivot while in the grasp of the claw. It will probably give you trouble when trying to put it on the rack.

Thats a very nice claw, just get the orientation right