Team 422’s scouting sheets

422’s scouting sheet with a few adjustments from VAR. This will probably be what we will be using at champs. We used one sheet per team per match, and organized them with one hanging file folder per team in a big hanging file box.

The large field is used to mark the actions the team takes during the match, using the key to it’s right. At the end of the match some of the actions were counted and totaled at the left to make looking over the sheets faster.

14scouting_sheet_CMP.pdf (339 KB)

14scouting_sheet_CMP.pdf (339 KB)

Hello Again Team 422-
It was great being in eliminations with you at Virginia! Great run, and congratulations to our team and the teams that went further.

I was the drive coach for TigerTronics (2053) - and I was very impressed by your scouting capabilities, and saw the effects in action. So much so, I was going to hunt you guys down and write and ask for details on your scouting sheet and process, but you beat me to it by posting it here. The fact you were able to look at our report and had “upgrade parts” delivered within moments to address a limitation you saw in our play from a match earlier was wildly impressive.

My only additional question is this - how many people do you have scouting total and what sort of training are you doing for your scouting team so you have good information entered on the sheets.

Your drive coach was also a great leader, and you guys did an awesome job. I only wish we had the opportunity to play a few more matches :slight_smile:

Congratulation’s on your Chairman’s Award -

We had 6 or 7 people people scouting at a time (one per robot, plus one to manage filing/look over sheets and tune the pick-list on Saturday), but we rotated out scouts through the days, so a large portion of our team did some scouting at some point. To prepare the team we gave them a thorough rules test, followed by a rules overview based on the test. Additionally, many of them had previous experience at the Alamo Regional scouting with an earlier version of these sheets.

First off - Amazing robot and drive team. Those semifinal matches, yall were solid.

Sweet scouting system! I have to ask, did you have a different sheet for every team in every match? that would be almost 600 sheets of paper. How did you organize that? by team numbers, or by match #?

Each team has a hanging file and a collection of their sheets in it. When reviewing the data we often look at both the total performance(points shots/defenses/misses/whatever is important at the moment) as well as how they’ve changed from the beginning onward, if they appear to be improving with practice, or falling behind perhaps as the robot is getting beat up and the team is unable to keep up with repairs.

I’m still going through photos from VAR and will see if I can find any showing a bit more of the setup used by the students at the event.

EDIT: not the best photo, but you can see we have several students sitting around the box(hiding behind a parent from 401). It is a portable filing cabinet basically that has all the hanging file folders in it.

Makes a lot of sense. A major issue we’ve run into the past two years is organization. By the time Saturday morning rolls around and scouting data really starts coming into play, we either don’t have enough data or have ended up misfiling it. Excellent system.

I found a better picture of the box: