Team 423 Presents

For the first time, The Simple Machines has made a reveal video!

You can find it at

Here’s some specs for our robot (copied from our website):

​~80 lbs, 14" tall

Drive & Chassis:
Custom-built chassis out of riveted 1x1" and 1x2" square tubing
Drivetrain sides attached to chassis by 2 bolts for easy maintenance
6x 8" VexPro wheels or 4x 10" pneumatic wheels and 2x 6" pneumatic wheels
4 CIMs @ 7.75 or 9.67 ft/s
Can cross category B, D, and low bar defenses with only drivetrain
Electronics mounted on vertical panels for easy access

Roller @ end made from 8 VersaWheels, geared to 2.2 rps w/ 1 CIM
Polycord running along arm to intake boulders
Arm actuated by 1 miniCIM @ 450:1 reduction through worm gearbox
Strong enough to lift front of chassis to help with crossing defenses
Can be used to cross category A defenses

Climber: on the way

Defensive Wall: on the way

Potentiometer and limit switches for arm position
Encoder for roller speed
Limit switch to automatically stop intake
Camera for driving, picking up balls, and targeting low goal
Gyroscope, accelerometer, and drive encoders

Low goal cycler​
Can cross both defenses in 4/5 categories
Can play effective defense using defensive wall (not shown in video)

Looks simple indeed (but effective). Has the low speed of the drivetrain affected you at all?
I like the multipurpose intake and ball holding.
Can’t wait to see a climber on it.

It is likely that their drivetrain has very fast acceleration despite its low top speed. I think many teams will find such acceleration beneficial in a game that has a field consisting of divided sections; many teams will NEVER be reaching their top speeds this year because of a lack of speed to accelerate.

Ahad is right about the fast acceleration. We go 0 to 100 real quick. Even though our top speed isn’t blazingly fast, it’s still fast enough for our purposes and allows us to have better control of where we are going (except for when I’m driving in the last video). Most of the videos only have us driving at ~1/2 speed for even better control. In fact, we have so much torque that our belts are busy skipping whenever we change directions even with programmatic dampening. We will be switching from belts to chain in our 6 hours of unbag time to try to fix this problem.

I also can’t wait for our climber to be ready. Hopefully it will be done in time to attach at our first competition.